I figure it’s time to dedicate a post to the most important person in my life. My cutie-baby-sweetie-pie-wifey-pooh, Angela. One of the brilliantly unique things about her is that she’s a singer, actually make that a singer-alonger. She loves it too, and does it all the time, full of emotion, verve, determination, and smiles. And above all, she is unafraid to do so… as long as she’s in the car or the house or any other place where music is playing and no one else is there, well, except maybe me. The important point I need to make here is that she does not care if she knows the song or not. If it fills her with the desire to sing, she sings… words be damned.

It absolutely kills me. Just thinking about it gets my cheeks all dimpled with smiles. And believe me when I tell you she has no need for lyrics. I mean she’ll use them if she knows them, but if she is listening to a song for the very first time, it in no way means she will not be able to sing along. She most definitely will, I guarantee it.

She’s a sing sounder instead of a song singer. Meaning, if she doesn’t know the words, or has simply just forgotten them, without even missing a beat, she’ll start singing sounds in the place of the words. And no, I don’t mean doo-wop, or la-la-la, or a-wop-bop-a-lu-bop, or anything like that. It really is a type of art in its own right. Plus its just so damn funny to watch.

So I’m sure you can all imagine my elation when I came across this YouTube video that not only catches exactly the sing sounder song style that my Angela is so proficient at, but its also… its… I’ll put it like this, I’ve seen it eight times in two days and I’m still laughing though the whole thing. it’s just brilliant. If you have not seen then before, enjoy. And if you have, watch it again, it helps make the world a better place:

Click here if the video does not load.

Ok, so maybe Angela can’t play the ukulele, but that singing style is spot on. Anyway, just a little Angelaism that always puts a smile on my face, and figured it was well worth sharing.

So do any of you have any friends, family, or loved ones with this same inspiring ability? I’d be curious to know.

Image Source:
Google Images, key words: singing in car.