About Richard Timothy

My Story

Richard Timothy and the written word have not always gotten along. Growing up dyslexic, reading felt more like a punishment than something to enjoy. Sure, Superman had to deal with Lex Luther, but Richard had to deal with the weekly spelling bee in front of the entire class, and has yet to encounter a more profound evil.

Despite this, he’s always enjoyed writing stories. When the words didn’t come out right, he kept at it until they did. The more he wrote the less confusing the words became. He’s learned that as long as he keeps writing, he and his dyslexia argue a lot less.

To find out what book changed his life, check out his Favorite Books page and read his story Conundrum. Feel free to leave a note letting him know which one changed yours.

Holy Shit! Someone Noticed my Writing

  • Third Honorable Mention for Tilting Scales in Speculative Fiction for the 2018 League of Utah Writers Creative Writing Contest.
    • I’m not sure this actually counts as an award, so I’m not going to bother with the claim that I’m “award winning”, but I did get a certificate for it, so that’s pretty cool.
    • And yes, when they called out my name the first thing out of my mouth was, “Holy shit!” Seemed like the proper title for this section.

Basic and Boring

  • Born: Yes.
  • Family: Yes.
  • Siblings: Yes.
  • Married: Yes.


  • Cheese: Brie, yes bree, I love it and its soft fuzzy exterior.
  • Wine: Italian, especially Brunello. It’s the Maserati of Italian wines.
  • TV Show: MST3K, I have close to 100 episodes on VHS and I still watch at least one episode a week.
  • Movie: Let’s go with my top three, Harvey: This movie make me perpetually smile from beginning to end, Stranger than Fiction: I shall forever be amazed that I have so much appreciation for a film starring Will Ferrell, and I Heart Huckabees: There is something endearingly satisfying about a movie with existential detectives.
  • Writer: Terry Pratchett, this man’s books gives me an endless supply of brilliance and happy.
  • Book: Good Omens, it’s my token birthday gift to friends and family who’ve never read it. I’ve easily given over 30 copies of this book away over the years and the list just keeps growing.

Things I’ve Done to Make Money

  • Product placement for a food and beverage distribution center, aka grocery store bagger
  • Mood counselor for “desire filled” teens, aka DJ for high school dances
  • Carb broker for traveling clientele, aka assistant pastry chef for a ski resort
  • Size guesser and pointless door greeter, aka clothing store sales person
  • Little person observation associate, aka daycare worker
  • Visual entertainment distributor, aka video store clerk
  • Energy dispenser and endorphin release facilitator, aka espresso slinger and cook at coffee shop
  • Student social debate coordinator, aka opinion columnist for college newspaper
  • Engineer translation expert, aka technical writer
  • Correction specialist guru, supervisor for a team of quality associates

Random Shit that Might Mean Something but Probably Doesn’t

  • I’m a Capricorn, which, I’m told, means something. Well, I was a Capricorn until that damn 13th Zodiac sign was discovered, now I just don’t care. It’s like discovering your Tarot card reader had been reading your fortune from 3×5 cards they have hidden in their lap, I mean I know they are making stuff up, I just want it to be spontaneous and full of improvisation, you know, like a true professional.
  • I have only been sky diving once, but I did wear my bowling shoes for it. And no, I did not steal the bowling shoes… but yes they were a stolen pair of bowling shoes. I’ll tell you about it some time.
  • People commonly and continually get confused by my name and are not sure if my name is Timothy or Richard.

Times I've Changed this Number Title

Accidentally hit thumb with hammer

Profanities Spoken

Profanities Published (see Tilting Scales)


Synonym: The word I use when I can’t spell the first one I had in mind.

– Most people I know