I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but Facebook has added a few additional relationship status options. It appears apart from Single, Married, In a relationship, Engaged, Married, It’s Complicated, In an open relationship, Widowed, Separated, and Divorced you can also select In a civil union and In a domestic partnership . This got thinking, since 73%* of people on Facebook use it for relationship related activities, it would be fun to see them add a few more options.

(* A completely random number I just made up.)

Turns out I’m not the only one with this idea. Here is a list of Relationship Status options I’d like to see them add (the first half of which are borrowed from someone else’s Facebook post).

  • Cats only
  • Single and awesome
  • Baby Daddy
  • Experimented at college with
  • Blacked out and woke up with
  • Playing house with
  • Building a pillow fort with
  • Shacking up with
  • In a Relationship with ______, but don’t tell ______ in case he/she like me too.
  • Just seeing where this goes with
  • Smelling glue with
  • Knocked up by
  • Brainwashed by
  • Drinking Kool-Aid with
  • Sharing a jail cell with
  • Has amnesia but everyone says is married to
  • Pretending to be pirates with
  • Climbing trees with
  • Protecting _____ from spiders
  • Got a green card for
  • Sharing a mutual dislike of NASCAR with
  • Dresses up for Star Trek Movies with
  • Together for tax reasons with
  • Putting the toilet seat down for
  • Married long enough that they no longer hold in their farts in front of
  • Riding dolphins with
  • Hoping _____ gets the hint and buys a damn ring already
  • Is a coward and hopes _____ ends the relationship soon
  • Quoting Monty Python and the Holy Grail with
  • Petitioning Congress to make it Illegal for Adam Sandler to Ever Appear in Another Movie with
  • Found the Rainbow Connection with
  • On a bender with

Yes, I could keep going, but you get the point. I do hope you got a Smirk out of this list and if you happen to be in a comment leaving mood, I’d love to hear some of your own relationship status updates you’d like to see Facebook implement.

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Copyright © 2012 Richard Timothy