feet_bath I think the thing I enjoy most about this blog is that I wrote it in the tub. Yes, the tub. No, I did not haul a laptop into the tub with me and start blogging. This blog was initially written on a pad of paper while I sat in a tub of lovingly warm to hot water. In fact I better make this abundantly clear right now, NEVER TAKE YOUR LAPTOP INTO THE TUB WITH YOU!

Yes, I was yelling that. It is important enough to yell it at you. Also, if you choose to blog in the tub, just remember that blogging is technically the writing process for something you are going to put on your blog. The blog itself is the end result or location. Now is any of that the official definition for these words? Sure, if you want them to be.

In truth this is not my original post, well, I mean that when I first starting writing I had an entirely different plan on what I was going to write about. I was going to write a wine review actually. Half way though the review I realized that it would make more sense to explain the process and evolution of the wine parties that my friends and I have, which gives me an on going experience for trying and ultimately writing about wine.

And then it happened, in the middle of my explanation of the evolution of the “wine tasting party” to the “wine party” my toes altered my entire train of thought. Yep, I paused in the middle of a sentence and looked at the far end of the tub and there they were, sitting comfortably nestled in a cloud of bubbly goodness. Baths are groovy, no doubt about that, but bubble baths…well, that’s the aquatic equivalent of adding ice cream to your root beer. It just raises the whole experience to a new level.

There is something definingly smileful about baths. You can’t help but smile when you climb in a bath. Well, once you get settled in the tub anyway. There is always the uncontrollable making faces period when you first climb in a tub and are getting use to the temperature of the water. You know, that Oh… ooo, what tha… eh… soo… owww… umm…ahhhhh. But eventually you get there and as you radiate in relaxation and warmth you begin doing the human purr. You know when cats get happy and start purring, yeah we’re the same but instead of purring we make a very soft sounding mmmmmmm noise. It just happens, we don’t mean to, but sure enough once we as a species hit that radiating relaxation and warmth we instinctively purr…or mmmm.

smurf_228x276 Granted the mmmm reaction to the waters temperature is a direct result of its opposition to the temperature outside. If it’s a bloody hot day, a cool bath is lovely, and if is a frozen winter afternoon, a hot bath is…well, it’s down right smurfy.

See, just reading this has you postulating on the possibility of you enjoying a bath some time in the near future. We both know the idea of being wrapped in warm water and bubbles has already put a smile on your face. My recommendation, do it tonight. You probably won’t even care that it’s a Monday.

Oh, and come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you about that wine party thing.