If I had to choose a word to describe this morning it would be random. Not just random, but random random, as in random squared, actually make that obscurely random squared. In short it was a WTF morning.

I have a collection of Smirks started from the weekend and we’ll get to those in due time, but before I work on any of that you deserve to hear about this morning. To put it into a little context and to help clearly convey my mood, here‘s a quick overview of what the weekend was like.

  • Friday 3 AM – got picked up and headed to California
  • Friday 5 PM – got to hotel in California
  • Saturday 9 AM – workshop started
  • Saturday 6 PM – day 1 of the workshop ends
  • Saturday 11PM – got to bed
  • Sunday 9 AM – started last day of workshop
  • Sunday 6 PM – day 2 of the workshop ends
  • Sunday 8 PM-ish – started driving to Las Vegas
  • Monday 2 AM – arrived at condo in Vegas and went to sleep
  • Monday 12 Noon – visited corporate office and warehouse for tour for a company my wife and her friends are working with
  • Monday 7 to 8 PM – left Vegas
  • Tuesday 2 AM – got home

Yeah, so our schedule for the weekend was a little hectic and explains why I didn’t have a chance to get anything posted. Please note that the above schedule is a very proficient way of experiencing a very long weekend in a very short period of time.

So what could have possibly pulled my exhausted tush, along with the rest of me, out of bed this morning while at the same time winning the award of most bizarre wake-up call I’ve ever or will ever receive throughout this or any life. I bird… a damn robin for about three hours straight keep flying into our bedroom window. Yes repeatedly over and over again, for THREE hours. Starting at 6 AM and it was still going strong when I left the house to go to work at 9:30 AM.

Really? Yes Really! I only wish I was making it up. The bird would fly into the window, fall downward, loop back up, and do it all over again. After about three to four loops in a row it would fly over to the fence and rest for a minute or two. It almost felt like the bird had a snooze button. My only guess is that it was catching its breath before it started its next barrage.

We even opened the blinds, thinking that maybe the wood blinds had left it a little confused, but no that didn’t detour it at all. I mean I’m a fan of people and animals living together, and if you are going to kill something, make sure you eat what you kill… but this bird was making me lose perspective in a hurry. I wanted to get a tennis racket, open the window and just wait for that little bane to do its next fly by.

I don’t know if there is a catnip equivalent for birds, but based on this little robin’s actions I’m pretty sure it had exceeded the daily dosage recommendation. And for the record, if you happen to find yourself in this type of situation, don’t stand in front of the window the bird is attacking while brushing your teeth. If you are still waking up those little buggers come out of nowhere. I mean I cleaned it up, but that side of the room does have a minty fresh aroma now.

I mean I guess I could thank it for getting me up and off to work, but I don’t want to. I’m still a little grumpy about the whole thing. If it shows up again tomorrow, I’m going to get a “Hang in there!” kitty poster and make stick it on our bedroom window facing outward, as a kind of window scarecrow. And if that doesn’t work I just might go rummaging through the garage to find that old racket.

Any of you have any similar wake-up call experiences?

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