Today is more of a shameless self plug… at least I think it is. I’ll let you know once I get done writing it. Still, if it does turn out to be the case, at least it wasn’t a shameful plug… or a shaming plug… or a hair plug… or plugged toilet for that matter.

With the season of giving now coming to a close accompanied by the fact that my birthday was yesterday, and having been asked from a number of people, “Rich, what do you want for your birthday?” I though I might as well address that question in today’s post.

I have been smirking most of my life, yet I have only been Smirking (capital S there) a few months now. I suppose if I were to create a mission statement for what I hope to accomplish with my writing it would be, “Making the world a better place one smile at a time.” Granted, now having said that let’s just say I won’t be surprised to see it become a song in some upcoming direct to DVD Disney release. HAVE YOU NO SHAME! To which I think we all know the answer to that… no, they don’t.

Actually I take it back, that mission statement is a touch too fru-fru, although I’m not exactly what fru-fru means. No I think a better mission statement would be, “Making strangers laugh because I’m funny damn it.” Hmm, no that one isn’t working either. I could try, “Creating smiles about the everyday…” nope not feeling that one either. How about, “Smirk me? Smirk YOU!” … God I suck at this. Bugger it, let’s call this whole mission statement thing off.

So about this gift request thing, here is what I would truly like for my birthday… give me (my writing that is) to others. To those of you that are reading and enjoying my clever antidotes, satire, observations, babblings, and wit please send a link of my writing to 5 of your friends that you think would enjoy reading it and/or friends who, quite possibly, could use a smirk from time to time. Think about it, it’s like sharing the gift of laughter with those you love… eww, that did come off rather excessively Hallmarkian didn’t it? Sorry about that. The request still stands though, for those of you that are up for the task.

And to all of you that are reading my smirks, thank you. I do greatly appreciate the comments, messages and emails that you send in. It’s always encouraging to hear new and old friends alike are finding smiles and laughs from reading my work. A big hug to you all (yes, I am a hugger). Let’s all have ourselves a brilliant 2010!

Side note: Ok, so I think it was more of a thankful self plug with a hint of self pimpage and just a dash of happy birthday to me. Point being, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a shameless self plug. Whew, I’m glad we got that sorted out.

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