… that makes it all worthwhile. See that, I finished off the thought of the title without repeating it in the opening of this paragraph … clever, I know. Although this is a very subjective topic because you have to figure out what “it” is, and there are definitely times where this idea about “it” can be rather erroneous, say when it comes to pots of gold. One giant pile of gold is going to be better that one tiny pile of gold… unless the giant pot of gold is guarded by a giant dragon and the tiny pot of gold is guarded by a tiny gecko. Then again a giant pot of gold might not be as good when compared to a thousand tiny pots of gold, although that might depend on whether you want to deal with one thousand tiny leprechauns’ or one giant leprechaun. I suppose the same could be said for cheesecake … although I’ve never heard of cheese cake leprechauns before. (I think I’ve gotten off topic and I haven’t even started … meh.)

For today’s Smirk however, my “little things” topic deals with everyday observations, ones that move me to a burst laughter filling me and my day with the appreciation of humor, thus making my day that much better. There are two such things that filled me with that full fit of laughter when I observed them and again each time I think of them.

The first giggle fit has to do asking for directions … from Google maps. A friend at work showed me this just the other day and it made me so happy that I can’t help but share it with all of you. All you have to do is go to Google maps and select the Get Directions option. In point A type Japan. In point B type China. After a few moments a little map will appear with a little blue line showing you the documented route of travel.

It might not seem like much until you begin reading the Driving directions to China. Actually, truth is reading the driving directions really aren’t all the worth of a read until you get to step 42 (Douglas would be so proud), which clearly states:

42. Jet ski across the Pacific Ocean 782km

Even now that gets me chuckling to myself. Thank you Google maps for teaching us that there are times when it is definitely worth reading the directions.

The second has to do with my sweetie-baby-cutie-pie-wifey-pooh and her latest attempt to get the mail. The mail where we live is delivered to our mail box, which is a collection of boxes for the surrounding neighborhood. This way the postal worker unloads the mail for the area into these boxes instead of delivering them door to door. Each house has a key to their mail box and when the mail is delivered people have to leave their house, walk down the street or, in my case, across the street, to open and empty their mail box so it is ready for the next day’s drop off.

Angela has as of late, which is typical for her, been working long hours and has had her share of feeling a bit exhausted when she gets home. The other day, upon getting home she asked if I had gotten picked up the mail. I admitted I had not, so together we ventured out together to pick it up, figuring the walk across the street and back would count as our talk for the day. As we approached the mail box, Angela reached into her pocket and pulled out her keys, holding onto the electronic car door opener remote thingy. Then without even a pause she pointed the remote at our mailbox and pressed the “open” button. Then she pressed it again … I stated to giggle.

She looked down at her hand, finally realizing what she was doing and sighed, “Not again,” to which I started to laugh … loudly. She just smiled, reexamined her keys and was soon opening the door to our mail. “Again huh?” I asked. “It would have been cool if it worked,” she said smiling even more, admitting to trying to open the mail box on more than one occasion using her car remote, but only on the days that she was extremely exhausted. We both laughed all the way back to the house. I love that she can always make me laugh, and some of my favorite laughs with her are times like that where she had no intention of doing so. Thanks honey, you’re the best.

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