So here are some of the idea’s I’ve come up with so far to blog about. I figure starting out with an outline of some of the features, or categories as the blog world like to call them, which I am planning on writing, might be as good a first post as any. As new ideas come up I’m sure you’ll read about them.

So, here’s the outline so far:

  • Things I Know Nothing About – For some reason I’ve recently found great pleasure in the idea of writing reviews of on products, books, movies, or what ever really, on items that I know nothing about or, say, movies I will never see. Who knows, maybe if I write what I think a movie is about based on either a preview or just the title, Hollywood might by the idea for “Part 2!” We all know how Hollywood looooves making sequels.
  • Retorted Commercials – I always seem to have on open commentary going when I watch commercials on TV. Usually they make claims that come across as completely fabricated or just plain silly, and I enjoy calling them on it. Granted, usually there is no one else in the room to hear by remarks. Soooo, thanks for reading when I get there.
  • My List of Things that Don’t Suck – When I find something I like, I like to share it with others. I know this title has been used by many people before me, but it always seems to make me smile when I day it out loud. So a good rule of thumb, when you read those posts I highly recommend saying that title out loud. It will only add to your enjoyment of that reading experience.
  • Something to Wine About – I love wine, in fact I have a monthly wine party with some wonderful and dear friends. It started out as a legitimate tasting, with the bottles wrapped so no one could see the labels, and we all had little cards that we could write down the things we noticed in the flavor of the wine, the full bouquet, and blah, blah, blah. Our wine tasking parties followed a natural course, and now, first and foremost, are about friends getting together to enjoy each others company over a random selection of whatever wine people felt compelled to bring to share with the others. When I find a wine what is well worth the sharing, I’ll be sure to let you know.

I guess that’s it so far, a few sources of possible tangents that have endearing little titles, because, quite frankly, I like that type of thing. Granted they have to be clever titles, otherwise I really don’t see the point in reading it, but that could just be me.

Anyway, thanks for reading and come by any time…the blog I mean, not my house that would creep me out.