With Valentine’s Day/Single Awareness Day/Don’t Forget to be Romantic at Least Once This Year Day over and done with I thought I’d take a look at entire month of February for today’s Smirk. February is a peculiar month in that it is the only one that is constantly mispronounced, but when you actually pronounce it correctly it sounds rather funny. I am referring to the “ru”, I know when I pronounce it I say Febuary (no “r”), and if I hear someone actually pronounce the “r” when they say it, it just does not sound right. Pronunciations aside February is a very friendly month that offers quite a number of social event options.

I did know that February was Black History Month, but when I started researching this, I also learned that February is:

  • American Heart Month
  • National Dental Month
  • Chocolate Lover’s Month
  • National Bird Feeding Month

Yep the entire month is dedicated to the remembering the contributions of African-Americans in U.S. and world history, being reminded that heart disease is the number one killer of women, but to help you deal with that the month is also dedicated to eating more chocolate, but not to worry because this month is also dedicated to all things pertaining to dental health. And to top it all off, along with buying a new toothbrush with you collection of chocolate don’t forget to purchase some bird feed, because February has also gone to the birds.

I wish I could say that is all, but once I got started I researching, more and more “National Month” titles popped up for the month of February. Here’s a list of what I found before calling off my search, I honestly would not be surprised if there are more. February is also:

  • Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month
  • AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month
  • Bake for Family Fun Month
  • Berry Fresh in the Sunshine State Month
  • Creative Romance Month
  • Deaf History Month
  • Fabulous Florida Strawberry Month
  • Festival of Camellias Month
  • From Africa to Virginia Month
  • Great American Pies Month
  • Human Relations Month
  • International Boost Self-Esteem Month
  • Library Lovers Month
  • Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month
  • Marijuana Awareness Month
  • Mental Retardation Awareness Month
  • National Boost-Your-Self-Esteem Month
  • National Canned Food Month
  • National Care About Your Indoor Air Month
  • National Cherry Pie Month
  • National Children’s Dental Health Month
  • National Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Month
  • National Condom Month
  • National Craft Month
  • National Get To Know an Independent Real Estate Broker Month
  • National Grapefruit Month
  • National Hot Breakfast Month
  • National Laugh-Friendly Month
  • National Mend A Broken Heart Month
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Month
  • National Parent Leadership Month
  • National Pet Dental Health Month
  • National Senior Independence Month
  • National Snack Food Month
  • National Sweet Potato Month
  • National Time Management Month
  • National Weddings Month
  • North Carolina Sweet Potato Month
  • Plant the Seeds of Greatness Month
  • Relationship Wellness Month
  • Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month
  • Spiritual Wellness Month
  • Spunky Old Broads Month
  • Sweet Potato Month
  • Wise Health Care Consumer Month
  • Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month

At this point what I’m really wondering is what does it take to decree a month as “National (insert whatever the hell you want here) Month”? Do you need to be some sort of nonprofit? Or do you need some kind of political backing, say like in the case of the North Carolina Sweet Potato Month, did the governor of the state declare this at some point and as a result it became the case for the entire country? In looking at some of these it seems more like all someone needs to do is declare the month to be some kind of special month and whala it suddenly becomes so . . . I’m talking to you Spunky Old Broads! (Although I must admit that one is my favorite from the list.) Because if all it takes to make a month your Nation (whatever) Month, I’m all for adding a few honorary titles to each month.

My only question now is: What National Month would you dub February?

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