I know the title can be a little confusing, I mean really who wants to become a fan especially after seeing all of the work Ironman had to go through just to get the hang wearing rocket jets shoes. I will say this though, after watching Ironman I’ll be Inspector Gadget felt completely lame, and deservedly so, except for his dog. Inspector G did have a pretty damn cool dog.

And obviously when I said fan I was not referring to a LASKO 678 Black FlexAir, Lasko 42″ Wind Curve Fresh Air Ionizer with Remote Control, or even the Hunter 90042 AirMax Rockefeller Art Deco Style High Performance Oscillating Fan, although that would be nice. No, I’m referring to the fan in the Trekkie sense of the word, or is it Trekkie in the fan sense of the word. Regardless, dress up if you want, or don’t, you’re all groovy to me either way.

So this weekend I created a fan page for Yours Truly, or is it Me Also… Kringelbert Fishtybuns perhaps? Slut Bunwalla! No, no wait that’s right just me. I think there were already fan sites for those other names, but not all of them writers. I’m not sure why a fan page, I guess I’m hoping that at some point it makes for an interesting conversation, or at the very least, the next time I get in an discussion turned insulting match with my therapist at least I’ll be able to tell him I have more fan on Facebook than he does. I agree that it sounds a bit juvenile, but my therapist chooses to call it progress… the little ass hat.

So here it is my invite to you to go to my fan page and become a fan, if you want to… no pressure, but I called your mom and told her about it, and she really thinks you should do it, oh and she told me to tell you to call once in a while. I mean, come on! It’s the holidays, call your mother!

In short, if you have been enjoying my writing please feel free to fan yourself… fanify yourself… Fan up? Fan-something… feel free to become a fan. I’d appreciate it.


Click here to become a fan. Or you can click on that little Facebook thingy below under the “Become a fan.” bit, and once you get to the fan page click on the Become a Fan button.

Become a fan.

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