I’ve been working on the novel today. I’m hoping to have a portion of Chapter 8 posted sometime this weekend. So since I’m working on the book, I feel a shameless self plug is completely appropriate. So here it is:

Have you ever wondered what happened “in the beginning”? Well, maybe more like a quarter past the beginning. I am, of course referring to “The” beginning, actually its more “our” beginning, which is essentially just “a” beginning in the grand scheme of things. Still, as far as beginnings go this one is well worth hearing…or reading, as it turns out. I give you According to Roy…A comedy of biblical proportions.

Not all beginnings are as serious as you might think.

And, as far as beginnings go, you might have the most luck if you start here.

  • On a side note, if thusly motivated, please leave some comments as to what you imagine Roy looks like. I’m just interested to see what image your imagination gives him. Thanks.