Well it finally happened… I have, as of late, been experiencing a collection of flutters, flurries, and all around grumpiness from my computer at home. Well this weekend, as I was working on my novel, it finally died. I think… well let’s just say I’m pretty damn sure my graphics card died. As for the rest of it, it might have a bit of life left but, let’s see, how’s the best way to put this… my computer is older than my car and my car is was built in 2001. Wow, in cat years that’s like 56 years old.

Yes, it might be a bit archaic, but it has worked well for me. Although now, my computer is reminding me a lot like my last car. After years of use and with the prospect of inevitable death, I traded it in for something that not only looked a lot nicer, but ran much smoother, although I’m pretty sure I’ll not be able to trade this old clunker in, but I am still of the disposition that I can get a little more life out of it, and fortunately I do have a spare graphics card in the house somewhere. Looks like a game of hide and seek awaits me after work today.

One epiphanetic…epiphic… epiphonous… (screw it)… The epiphany I had as a result of this is: Back up your files! Do it now, and do it often! I had been thinking about doing it for a while now, and it would appear that three days ago, when the idea was doing a cannon ball splash at the back of my mind, would have been the perfect time to do a back up. Trust me, don’t wait. Do it now.

Luckily I do have most of my current writings on a memory stick (I do love those things). On a side note though, I may have lost about five or six pages of edits on my book that I had completed, which means editing it again. At least I have the original manuscript to work off of though.

So, to you wonderful people that have been enjoying the book, I do apologize, but there are going to be a few more days before I get the first part of Chapter 8 posted.

Let me just end with this though, Hooray for my sweetie-baby-cutie-pie! She’s letting me use her PC to make sure I can keep posting while I perform a search and rescue of a graphics card in limbo and hopefully get to “pull a Frankenstein” on my PC and get it back up and running.