The title might be a little misleading, but I does crack me up a little. I have tried three different times to start this post… on a plus note I now have three new posts already started. I mostly just wanted to introduce this filler post. You know, one of those, “oh I’ve this is a bit different that the usual stuff, but I still wanted to share something with all of you today. I am working on something a bit bigger that’s taking a bit more of my time at the moment, but I don’t want to say what it is just yet.” kind of posts.

Ah bugger, sort of gave that one away didn’t I?

That being said, it’s now time to use our cute little fuzzy feline friends for the purpose of our own fun fill amusement. I’ll bet PETA would have a word or two for me as a result of that. Which I’d have to explain that they took it out of context and I many put it that way because I wanted to see how many f words I could fit in a sentence without making particularly obvious. I’m just sharing random “cute” photos that I didn’t even take, showing a kind of cute visual dialogue about an evening full of drinking with your mates.

The idea for this is bit below is borrowed, and in some cases a direct copy and paste image wise, from a random e-mail a friend sent me a year or so ago. I don’t know the original source, so I apologize for the lack of origin reference. Still, it does make me smile a bit.

Please note that no cats were pissed, hammered, sloshed, ripped, three sheets, snookered, wasted, blitzed, or any other words used to describe the state of inebriation for the purpose of this post.

A night out with your mates…
Step 1: Drink two beer… check.

Step 2: Drink three glasses of wine… check.

Step 3: Consume four kamikazes, without using a straw… check.

Step 4: Shared pitcher of margarita with your mates… check.

Step 5: Down one shot of Jagermeister, and then one more just to make sure you took the first one… check.

Step 6: Spend the rest of night with your very own bottle of Jack Daniel’s… check.

Step 7: Look in the mirror the next morning after spending an evening consuming two beers, three glasses of wine, four kamikazes, a shared pitcher of margarita, two shots of Jagermeister, and a bottle of Jack with people who are supposed to be your friends….


Any thoughts on this one?

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Google Images, key words: cats, funny cats, and drunk cats.